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Berlin Wall, a track from the Bay Area band the Heavenly States' new EP, Oui Camera Oui, is a majestic rocker featuring the distinctive rasp of Spoon frontman Britt Daniel. The video for the song features some rather crude animation, but the artwork compensates for its lack of gracefulness with a bold, gestural style that matches the music's balance of bare-bones folk and orchestral bombast.
--Rolling Stone Magazine Online

the clear favorite - the music with the most 10s - was by Heavenly States, with guest singer Britt Daniel of Spoon
--NPR All Songs Considered Music Listening Party Blog

...a gorgeous new tune titled Berlin Wall

The band messes with dynamics so remarkably that it’ll affect your breathing
--Jackpot Records

As panoramic as the work of such larger-than-life rock storytellers as the Who.

Combining the scruffy shocks of guitar and dyspeptic swagger of pre-grunge rockers like Agitprop and Pavement with a layered late-90's indie-pop aesthetic best associated with Dave Fridmann... the States' mix of beauty and attack are keenly calibrated
--AP Mag

A couple parts Chuck Prophet channeling Keith Richards, a pinch of chiming indie pop and dashes of naively swaggering Jonathan Richman and Eef Barzelay with occasional dollops of stripped down baroque rock, and the Heavenly States shimmer out of the rising mist. Like Nada Surf with a delightfully impish streak of Beck, the Heavenly States conjure up drama and whimsy with equal passion and often within the same song
--Amplifier Magazine

The States are trying on a slew of different coats here, and if they sound like both a throwback to soulful proto-Bruce Springsteens like John Mellencamp as well as rock revivalists the Hold Steady (especially on 'Lost In The Light'), then wait a track or two as they synthesize the cool electronic textures of the Postal Service and Stereolab ('Make Up') or break into the dreamy, string-swept Bay Area psych-folk of Kelley Stoltz and Vetiver ('Butterflies,' 'Roses'). Throughout, the Heavenly States' ambitious sounds fit together divinely.
--Magnet Magazine

Ted Nesseth sings as if he was ordained to front a rock band from birth. Highlights include 'Lost in the Light,' which recalls the Velvet Underground circa Loaded, the slower-paced 'Make Up,' which breathes the same melancholic air as Jane's Addiction in their quieter moments, and 'The System,' which is propelled by the kind of squalling guitar riff that would have rocked just as hard in any decade out of the past five
--KQED Arts and Culture

This band has the fury and high energy of TED LEO & THE PHARMACISTS or THE ORANGES BAND, with the wit of THE HOLD STEADY... 'Lost In The Light' - reminds me of a revved up LOU REED on 'Dirty Boulevard'
--Future Sounds

An album loaded with monstrously memorable choruses and catchy riffs that are stickier than flypaper.... A fantastic band armed with a huge sound, frighteningly fragile moments and massively poppy tunes.
--First Coast News

Top-notch songwriting.... from the wry opening rocker 'Morning Exercise' (with a chorus of 'It hurts so bad/This goes on the record') to the ultra-catchy, New Pornographers-like finish of 'The Race,' this is by some measure the Heavenly States' finest work so far.
--All Music Guide